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Caliber 9S86


Caliber 9S86

This high-specification movement delivers the same accuracy (-5 to +3 seconds a day) and the same power reserve (55 hours) as the core Caliber 9S85, while also offering the GMT function that the international traveler needs to ensure that the accuracy of the time shown is not compromised when the time zone is changed. The GMT hand shows the time in the home time zone.

Pulling the crown out by one notch enables the hour hand to be adjusted without stopping the second hand so that the highly accurate timekeeping delivered by the Hi-Beat 36000 is not lost. Caliber 9S86 is the embodiment of the Grand Seiko ideal of high accuracy, maintaining exceptional precision in both the essential time display and the GMT function.

Driving system Automatic with manual winding mechanism
Accurac +5 to -3 seconds per day (under a static use)

Note: This accuracy is the result of measuring the loss/gain of the time for seventeen days before the inside movements of the watch are put in the case. The measurement has been done in the factory where temperatures or position of the movements are controlled.

Accuracy from +8 second/day to -1 seconds/day
Power reserve Approximately 55 hours
Vibrations 36,000 vibrations per hour (10 beats per second)
Jewels 37 jewels

About the base Caliber 9S85

In Seiko's 10 beat movement, the balance wheel that controls the accuracy of the mechanical watch oscillates 10 times per second. This is equivalent to 36,000 oscillations per hour, which earns it the name "Hi-Beat 36000". Ordinary movements beat at a rate of 21,600 oscillations per hour (6 per second) or at 28,000 per hour (8 per second). You can clearly tell that the 10 beat movement has the higher number of beats per unit of time.

Grand Seiko's challenge to re-introduce the legacy of the 10 beat movement gave rise to Caliber 9S85, the first movement of its kind in 41 years. The redesigned hairspring and mainspring complement cutting-edge MEMS technology to raise precision and reduce component weight, simultaneously improving durability and securing the torque necessary to maintain a rate of 36,000 oscillations per hour. The movement is practical and reliable, with a maximum power reserve of 55 hours.
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What makes 9S special?

Every one of the 200 or more components in a mechanical watch are critical to its performance and durability but none more so than those that make up the regulator and escapement mechanisms.
When the 9S caliber was designed, these were engineered anew. With the subsequent creation of the 9S85 Hi-beat caliber, new materials and new manufacturing techniques were used, further enhancing the performance of these key parts and these latest materials and techniques are now incorporated in all 9S movements, greatly increasing both their power reserve and their precision.

Several of these high-precision components are manufactured to an accuracy of one thousand of a millimeter. Such precision and the use of MEMS manufacturing for the pallet fork and escape wheel make a vital contribution to what makes Grand Seiko’s 9S calibers special, but these remarkable achievements count for little without the skill of Grand Seiko’s craftsmen and women to realize the lasting performance for which Grand Seiko is renowned. Their ability to assemble and adjust each 9S watch is the final, crucial element. Only when their work, and the 17 day testing program to which each watch is subjected, is over can the stringent ‘New GS’ standard be met and the watch’s Grand Seiko certificate issued.
Precision, craftsmanship and innovation all play their part, but, in the final analysis, what makes the 9S family of mechanical movements so special is that all stages, from the design of the movement and parts manufacture to assembly and adjustment are carried out in-house by Grand Seiko’s own watchmakers. For over 60 years, it’s been the same. It’s our people that make the 9S special.