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Caliber 9F62

Caliber 9F62

The smallest of the 9F series of calibers, 9F62 has a slimmer profile and a smaller size.

Accuracy ±10 seconds per year
Battery life Approximately 3 years

What is the "9F Quartz?"

The 9F quartz movement is not merely a highly accurate quartz movement with a yearly variation of just ±10 seconds. It also offers all the other attributes that define Grand Seiko; accuracy, ease of use, high legibility and unrivalled durability. In every respect, it is a watch for a lifetime.
These characteristics are the result of Grand Seiko's mastery over every aspect of watchmaking, from the growing of the quartz crystal right through to the hand assembly and casing of the movement. 9F is a revolutionary caliber incorporating innovative technology that is a step ahead of the rest.

・The Twin Pulse Control Motor generates double the amount of torque of a normal quartz caliber, making possible the use of Grand Seiko's bold and long hands.
・The Backlash Auto-Adjust Mechanism employs a hairspring to reduce the amount of play, or backlash, between gear teeth. This significantly reduces error and virtually eliminates any shuddering of the second hand, enabling the passage of each second to be shown with total precision.
・The Instant Date Change Mechanism switches the date in 1/2000th of a second, ensuring the constant accuracy of the date display.
・The Super Sealed Cabin prevents dust and other debris from entering the movement even when the battery is changed. It also extends the life of the lubricating oil, ensuring a high level of performance for fifty years or more.

Each 9F quartz movement is assembled by hand by Grand Seiko’s skilled craftsmen and women. The 9F quartz movement is a perfect fusion of advanced technology and true craftsmanship.