Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve

Caliber 9R01

The Spring Drive Caliber 9R01 has a power reserve of eight days, made possible by the use of three barrels. The barrels are linked together and the springs unwind simultaneously, but about three times more slowly than in a single barrel, thus extending the power reserve.

On the back, a sapphire case back allows a clear view of the exquisite finishing of the one-piece bridge, the rubies and the power reserve indicator. This one-piece bridge ensures the precise positioning of each wheel in the gear train and maximizes the efficiency of the transmission of power from the barrels. Its rigidity also prevents distortion in the event of impact or other shock. The bridge traces the outline of Mt. Fuji and the highly polished rubies and tempered blue screws evoke the lights of the city of Suwa below the Studio’s home.

* In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

A special platinum case

The case of this model is made of platinum 950. The composition of the platinum is special so that the case can be polished to a sparkling mirror finish with our Zaratsu technique. And the Zaratsu technique itself is specially adapted for working with platinum.

“Diamond-dust” dial

The dial is remarkable. Like the diamond-dust sparkle of snow that shimmers in the morning light in the clear mountain air of the area around the Studio, the dial glistens with a subtle and unusual beauty.

The very first Grand Seiko watch created by the Micro Artist Studio

This is the very first Grand Seiko watch to have been created by the celebrated Micro Artist Studio
in Seiko’s facility in Shiojiri in the Nagano prefecture of central Japan.

Known until now mainly for its Spring Drive Minute Repeater, Sonnerie and Eichi watches for Credor,
the Micro Artist Studio is proud to contribute to the growing reputation of Grand Seiko
and has developed a remarkable Spring Drive caliber that offers an eight-day power reserve
with the Studio’s trademark quality of materials and finishing.



Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve




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